Nash's Information

Breed: Dachshund/Beagle mix,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 4 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Rochester,New York

Nash was adopted from a rescue at 1 year old and has had one owner since then. His vet care is current. He has a high level of anxiety. He is leashed trained. He is house trained. He is best with no cats, no children, no small creatures. He does not do well in crates or kennels. He currently uses trazadone, fluoxitine, and gabapentin. He needs a quiet calm home where the owner(s) are home a lot. Noise can be an issue for Nash. With all of these challenges Nash is a really sweet boy and a great companion. He needs a new home due to employment changes in the family and the fact that he is home alone too much.

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