Jax's Information

Breed: Medium Domestic Hair,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Rochester, NY

Jax is about to be two years old, is a tuxedo cat, and a boy who will never miss a chance to eat. The only thing he loves more than eating is playing outside. This is part of the reason I am looking to rehome him because when I’m not in Rochester, I live in NYC, where there is no grass to play in :(. I really think he could benefit living somewhere where there is a good amount of area to go outside and play, he loves it so much. The other reason I am looking to rehome him is because Jax is not great at knowing how to play with other animals, so being in a single animal household is imperative. Although it never seems to be in a vicious way, I don’t think Jax has learned the power of his teeth. When playing with other cats he bites, chases, and intimidates them. I think he thinks he’s playing, but the other cat does not. I like to call him Jekyll and Hyde because although he has his bad moments biting, he is also one of the most loving animals. He craves and desires attention, loves cuddling with me, and never wants to be away from my side. But when he wants to be left alone he will let you know. If you have time to care and nurture for Jax and have some area outside for him to play in, then you are the perfect new home for him.

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